UHelp-Support Ticketing System

The UHelp support ticketing system is a customer support management application. It provides a great user experience for the end users by keeping track of customers' requests and solving their issues based on issue type, priority, and category. It allows customers to receive support as quickly as possible while keeping track of their requests. You may give your customers a consistent support experience by using the UHelp-Support Ticketing System.

UHelp Application Features

Check out these most trending features that are used in the UHelp application that shows how we improved and developed our application.



Laravel Mix





UHelp-Support Ticketing System

Please take a quick look at the UHelp application video below, so that you'll get an idea of how we designed and developed our application, and you can also see how the design view and functionality of the application looks.

Application Highlights

The UHelp support ticketing system is one of the modern applications. It comes with the most advanced and high-end features. Below are the highlights of the application.

Custom Roles



User Groups

UHelp - Main Features

The UHelp support ticketing system comes with ready-to-use features that are completely easy to use for any user, even a beginner, and it's a user-friendly application.

Role Management

Roles management allows you to create custom roles and set access permissions for those roles. So that you can assign the roles to manage the employees with those roles.

Create Groups

Employees can be included in groups. And then assign those groups to categories. You can give better service to your customers by keeping a proper flow of tickets using groups.

Custom Projects

Import the list of projects so they can be assigned to categories. Using those categories that are assigned to projects, customers can easily make requests for their issues. 


When it comes to security, UHelp application allows you to whitelist or blacklist countries from accessing the application. It also protects against DOS attacks.

Custom CSS & JS

Customize the UHelp app styles and Javascript by using custom CSS and JS. This feature is used to override the application's theme styles and add client-side functionality.  

External Chat

The UHelp application supports third-party external chat systems. Now you can integrate the external chat system into the app and give support to your customers through chat.


Captcha is one of the security features of the UHelp application. Manual recaptcha and Google recaptcha are included in this app to differentiate between users and bots.

File Import

The import file feature is used to upload huge amounts of data through a csv or excel file. Using this feature will reduce the time taken for manual entry.

Multiple Delete

This feature is used to delete multiple data at once. If you have a large amount of data in the application, it helps in reducing the data and increasing the performance of the application.

Admin Note

You can Share important information between the employees through the UHelp application while processing the ticket. And the shared information is visible to all the employees.

Google Analytics

Integrate the Google tracking ID into the application and start tracking and monitoring the application’s activities and the flow of traffic without leaving the application. 

IP Address

The UHelp application automatically detects the IP address, country, and time zone of the registered customers. You can also block the suspicious IP address by typing it manually.

Automation Functions

It reduces the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks in the application by the users. For example, Auto-Ticket-Close, Auto-Notification-Delete, Auto-Trashed-Ticket-delete etc.

Under Maintenance

Fixing bugs, improvements, and upgrades in the application can now be done very easily by activating the "Under Maintenance" mode in the UHelp application.


RTL-compatible: Convert into right-to-left (RTL) layout with just one click. The whole application will be converted into RTL and also change the language to Arabic.


Monitor all your employees' activities and Ticket's flow and analyze their performance with the rating provided by the customers. and improve customer service.

Email To Ticket

The email to ticket first checks the incoming emails of the admin, and if the admin gets any incoming emails, then it will convert those emails into tickets.

Live Notifications

It is the process of announcing or informing UHelp application users about any new activity. And you can also send custom notifications to UHelp application users from the applicaion itself.

Canned Response

Any employee can create canned messages that will appear to the employees in the Reply Ticket page. This allows users to use the pre-written replies with dynamic variables for faster replies

Business Hours

In this section Admin can set support timings when they are available for support. It is visible to Customers and Guests in their own ticket wiew pages.

Custom Fields

You can now create custom fields and include them in the register form and create a ticket page like text, textarea, select-dropdown, radio buttons, check boxes, etc


Now convert the entire application into the language of your choice. There is a translation page where you can translate each word and sentences given there.

Social logins only

Now "Social Logins only" page is added with an on/off switch in the "General Settings" page in the admin panel. If turned on customers can use only their social accounts to login into the application

Support Username Protection

Admin has control over whether the customer gets to see the name of the employee who is in touch with them. If not, an alternate name can be displayed (SupportTeam) for the users.