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Manage Roles

Basically, role management is used to manage the staff of an origination. Every individual member of the staff or employee has their own roles and certain permissions.

  1. Roles & Permissions
  2. Create Employee
  3. Employees List
Roles & Permissions

Go to the Admin Panel->Manage Roles->Roles & Permissions . The total application is based on "Roles and Permissions." By default, the application comes with a role of "superadmin." The "superadmin" role will have all of the application's permissions, which you can see in the "Permissions" column with the count in the “Roles List” table. This role cannot be modified, deleted, or assigned to another employee.

Note : You won’t be able to update the role and permissions of the "superadmin".

Roles List : By default, the "superadmin" role is displayed in the "Roles List" table, and newly created roles also will appear in the "Roles List."

To create a role with permissions, please click on the "Add Role & Permissions" button in the "Roles List" table. Then you'll be redirected to the "Create Role & Permissions" page. There you will find that "role" has an input field and "permissions" has disabled switches. Here, disabled switches are nothing but permissions. Now, in the "Role" input field, write the role's name, give permission to the role, and click the "Save" button to save the changes.

Now the newly created "role" will be displayed in the "Role List" table. By clicking on the "Edit" button in the "Actions" column, you can edit the role and permissions of a role.

Create Employee

To create an "employee," go to Admin Panel->Manage Roles->Create Employeepage, fill out the form with the employee's information, and then click the "Create Employee" button to save your changes. After that, the login credentials will be sent via email to the employee.

Employees List

Navigate to Admin Panel->Manage Roles->Employees List. By default, only "superadmin" will appear in the "Employees List" table. In the right corner of the "Employees List" table, you’ll see "Add Employee" and "Import Employee List" buttons. By clicking on the "Add Employee" button, it will redirect you to the "Create Employee" page, so you can also create an employee from here as well. And by clicking on the "Import Employee List" button, it will redirect you to the "User Import" page. Here you can import a large number of employees' data at once. Go to the link provided on the "User Import" page and download the "Sample File" of "usersample.csv", then enter the details of the employees and save the file.

Choose the "usersample.csv" file you saved earlier and upload it to the upload file option, then click the "Import Data" button to create employees.

In the "Employees List" table, the newly created "employees" will be displayed. You can edit and update the employee's details by clicking the "Edit" button in the "Actions" column, and you can delete the employee's entire record by clicking the "Delete" button in the "Actions" column. By clicking the switch button in the "Actions" column, you can change the employee's status to "Active" or "Inactive." If employees account status is "inactive," they will be unable to log in.