UHelp-Support Ticketing System

Admin Dashboard
    1. Visit the "Admin Dashboard" URL, e.g., https://yoursite.com/admin/ , and login to the admin dashboard using the credentials that you have given while installing the application.
    2. Once you successfully logged in to the “Admin Dashboard” you’ll be seeing 8 different types of “Ticket Navigation Block’s” that will navigate you to particular tickets.
    3. A “Tickets Summary” table that displays all the 8 different types of tickets in the table and also you will find a “Delete” button using that delete button you can delete those tickets multiply.
    4. A manual refresh button is attached to delete button to refresh “Tickets Summary” table manually. And a search bar to search tickets by typing manually and select 2 dropdown with numbers to see the total tickets count.
    5. In the table there is an auto refresh “Toggle Switch” button if you enable that button it will auto refresh the table for every 30 seconds.
    6. The best part about in this dashboard is that you can monitor you “Time and Date” according to your Time Zone and Country.
    7. On the top left corner in the “Header Section” you’ll be getting “Create Ticket” and “Visit Site” buttons by clicking on the “Create Ticket” button you can create a “Guest Ticket” for your “Customer” and those created tickets would be in your “My Tickets” in the navigation bar.
    8. And by clicking on “Visit Site” you’ll be navigated to “Home Page” that is main site (URL) e.g.,https://yoursite.com/ .
    9. On the top right corner in the “Header Section” you’ll be getting a “Full Screen” button, “Notification Bell Icon” and “Profile Avatar”.