UHelp-Support Ticketing System

  1. All Notifications
  2. Custom Notifications

It’s a process of announcing or informing about a new activity to the users of an application.

All Notifications :To access All Notifications, go to Admin Panel->Notifications->All Notifications. All "Tickets" related notifications are displayed on this "All Notifications" page. If you enable a setting under “Auto Notifications delete Enable/Disable” in Admin Panel->App Setting->Ticket Settings and set a number of days to automatically delete the notifications, then the notifications will be deleted automatically.

Custom Notifications :These notifications are composed and sent manually to the users through the admin panel.

To send a "custom notification" to a "customer" or "employee", go to Admin Panel->Notifications->Custom Notifications . There you’ll see two buttons: "Compose for Employees" and "Compose for Customers." Click on any one of the buttons that will take you to the appropriate page. Now select the user from the "To" dropdown and type in the "Subject" and "Message" fields, and then click on the "Send Message" button to send the "Custom Notification" to the user.

The "Custom Notifications" that are composed for users are displayed in the "Custom Notifications List" table. This table contains columns with the "Name" of the users, "User Type", "Subject" and "Actions" with "View" and "Delete" buttons. Here, the "View" button is just used to view the static view of the "Custom Notification" and the "Delete" button is used to delete the "Custom Notification" permanently from the application.