UHelp-Support Ticketing System

  1. Create Group
  2. Groups List

Basically, the "Groups" concept is used to manage the flow of "Tickets" by categories wise. For example, if two groups named "Group-1" and "Group-2" are created, each group contains five (5) employees, and those two "groups" should be assigned to two different categories that are only viewed in tickets. Now when customers start creating "tickets" using the categories that are assigned to "groups", the tickets will be sent or assigned automatically to only those group employees.

Note :If an employee is not assigned to any group, then the employee will get all category tickets.

Create Group :Navigate to Admin Panel->Groups->Create Group. To create a group, type the group name in the "Name" input field and select the employees from the "Select Employee" dropdown menu, then click on the "Save" button.

Groups List :Navigate to Admin Panel->Groups->Groups List. The newly created groups will appear in this "Groups List" table where you can also edit the existing groups by clicking on the "Edit" button in the "Actions" column.