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Application Update Guide
  • Update Application:
    1. To update the older version of the application, first download the latest version of the application (Project) from CodeCanyon.
    2. Now, first take a backup of your old application (project), including the database.
    3. Before updating your application, please make sure that you have logged in as "Admin" and run the application in "Maintenance Mode".
    4. Make sure that "Admin" has access to the application in "Maintenance Mode".
    5. Now, log into your cPanel server and navigate to the root directoryFile Manager->public_html , where your old application (Project) files are uploaded.
    6. Now upload the latest version of application (Project) (.zip folder) to the root directory “public_html” where your old application (Project) files are stored.
    7. Now, extract the .zip folder that you have uploaded into the root directory and overwrite with old files, except the "public folder," "storage folder," and ".env file," in the root directory of your old application.
    8. Go to the browser and visit the ULR Ex: https://yoursite.com/update and follow the instructions.
    9. Once the update is completed, you will be redirected to the "Home" page.
  • Note: Do not forget to make the application "Live" from the "Maintenance Mode".


    After installing the application on your server or domain, this application generates two distinct URLs. One is the "Home Page" URL, for example, http://yoursite.com. The other is the "Admin Dashboard" URL, which is, for example, https://yoursite.com/admin/ .

    1. Home Page URL : The "Home Page" URL can be accessed by any user who wants service from the company or organization.
    2. Admin Dashboard URL : The "Admin Dashboard" URL can be accessed only by "superadmin" and the employees of the company or organisation.